90 Things You Must Know Before Selling Your House


90 Things You Must Know Before Selling Your Home

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Ouch! Your home did not sell!

 So your home did not sell during the listing period and you want information as to Why?.  Welcome to the AlexoGroup answer page for what agents call the Expired Listing. 

There is no doubt that there is a buyer for every home, the question is how do you attract the buyer that will buy your home. You hired a real estate agent or maybe tryed to sell the house For Sale By Owner and did not find a buyer, you thought you did everything that could be done and now your puzzled and frustrated right?  There can be many reasons a home did not sell:

1. It's a bad market?
2. The location is bad?
3. Undesirable school district?
4. Incorrectly priced?
5. The condition of the home compared to the competition?
6. The agent did not market the home?
7. Buyers could not set easy showing appointments?
8. Too many new home developments?

Many sellers don't have clue and true answer can be the result of many variables. All the possible reasons come into the equation and you must review what has happened during the listing period. For example:

  • What was the feedback from the showing agent and prospective buyer about your home? Did you take action on this feedback or just ignore it?
  • Was the marketing plan designed around getting your house sold?

  • Was the home priced correctly when compared to the current market condition?

There are many other reasons that only a professional analysis of the property can bring to light. The first step to get your home sold is to have the correct mindset, the correct information, and the right agent that will be painfully honest and not sugar coat the situation. If your in a situation where you are saying to yourself, "Self, I don't have to sell my home - I can just stay here",  the chances of getting your home sold are slim and none. Even in todays active real estate market you have to be motivated to stay in the game. You must be ready to show your home with only a few hours notice and you must keep it in tip top showing condition. This is not easy, in fact it can be extremely difficult. If your not motivated you will miss that one buyer that wants to buy your home. This makes logical sense - Right? .

If your motvated, you have come to right place.  We have custom marketing plans designed to sell houses that did not sell the first time around. 

We feel so strongly about our marketing we can Guarantee our performance to you in writing.  We will sell your home in 57 days or we will sell it for free.  That sounds good right? 

We can show you market statistics that demonstrate no matter what the market is doing, houses do sell. In fact almost as many houses sell in a down market as a up market. The reason houses sell is how the property is positioned in market when compared to other competing properties. The AlexoGroup has a 89 point market plan designed around the Seven P's  Principle to get homes sold.  Part of this plan requires a top down analysis of how your home should be positioned in the current market. This positioning is designed to attract more buyers and make your house stand out as a home that they must see before making a decission to buy. Each house is different and requires a marketing system designed around the house with an eye toward the current market conditions. A marketing system that is proactive and not only gets attention of buyers but also gets the attention of the real estate agents working with these buyers. Our plan implements all the latest technology, and creates a pipeline of eager buyers looking for houses like yours.

If you want to sell your home you need to  seek out agents with:
  • A Communication Guarantee that keeps you informed and involved a minimum of twice a week.
  • A ProActive Marketing Plan designed to attract buyers and keep them coming.
  • A Easy Exit Listing Agreement. Your never locked into a long term contract. You can fire us anytime for any reason. 
  • A Certified Pre-Owned Program design to take the fear out of buying a previouly owned home. Buyers love this.

Let us show you how these systems can work for you. If you want your house sold quickly and for the most money possible in any market now is the time to Take Action. Call (404) 620-3800 for your free no obligation analysis today. We will tell you like it is because we turn down more listings than we take and if we can not help, we will tell you why. 

90 Things You Must Know Before Selling Your Home