Buying a home requires doing the right things in the right order!


When buying a home today, the first step is to get you financing together. Unfortunately most buyers don't do this. They go find the home then try to work out home it will get paid for later. Wrong!  In todays market finding a home can be tough but if you don't have you financing work out before you go shopping you will be in for some very paingful heartache and frustration.  The recent changes in lending standards require buyers to provide much more information and have all funds in place for closing costs and down payment before the lender can approve any loan. Home Sellers will require that you have a letter from the lender indicating you can obtain a loan for the purchase price of the home before they will even look at your offer to buy the home. We can help you with a list of Preferred Lenders we work with that are competitive but more importantly can guide you through the minefield of getting a home loan. We recommend you talk to several and decide which lender offers the best programs for you. Remember there are a lot of lenders that quote good rate and low closing costs but not all lenders can get the job done in the time frame required in the terms of the contract to buy the home.

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Getting the financing done first make it possible for you to react quickly when your dream home comes on the market. You will be able to make offers quickly and confidently. This will make your offer standout over others and possibly be the difference that gets you offer accepted by a seller. 


There are many things to know before buying a home. Cost of ownership over time, Condition of the home, Type of Property, Home Owners Association Rules, Title Issues, and much more. A good REALTOR can help you through the entire process and educate you before you make the offer. Buying a home is not like any other purchase you will make. If your a first time home buyer you have a lot to learn before making your first offer. Even if this is not your first home purchase there are many items you may not be aware of that can come back to haught you later. Our services are FREE for Buyers. If your thinking about buying a home we cover all these issues in a Free No Obligation Buyers Consultation. A quick ten minute phone call will determine if your ready to get started.

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