Thinking of Selling?

When considering the sell of your home there is more than just price you should review. You should take time to really think about your Big Why?    Why is selling this home going to make my life better, easier, or fullfill a life goal?

If the home is not positioned properly in the market you could be making beds, cleaning, and having many disruptions to your life that can be demanding and frustrating for a very long time. We have created a report called the 90 Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Home. To get a FREE copy just fill out the form below and it will be sent to you immediately.  

We offer our  89 Point Marketing Plan that is customized  to get you house sold quickly, worry free, and for the most money possible in any market. We use the latest technology, social marketing, and the 7 P's of Marketing Atlanta Homes. We believe so strongly in our programs we offer a:
  • Performance Guarantee 
  • Easy Exit Listing Agreement
  • Communications Guarantee
  • Customized 89 Point Market Plan for Your Home.
  • Certified Pre-Owned Home Program to Qualifying Homes.

To learn more about these programs to see you they can work for you Call (404) 620-3800.

90 Things You Must Know Before Selling Your Home



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